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Huffines Consulting Services assists businesses and individuals with securing affordable life, long term care, and disability insurance plans. Our team of experienced insurance brokers helps you find the plans that cover you, your family, or your partners, without overwheming your budget. Our committment to customer service and our old fashioned approach have helped us establish our presence here in Raleigh, North Carolina since 1968.

How Often Should You Review Your Insurance Policies?

A number of factors can affect an insurance policy over time. Some you don't have a lot of control over, such as interest rates and the overall economy. Other factors you can control, like marriage, having children, buying a home, planning to retire, sending a child to college or getting ready to carry out a succession plan for your business. We help you anticipate these changes and factor them into your planning.

No matter what the current circumstances, a policy review can help you determine whether you have the right coverage for the times and for your situation. Changes take place every day. It is important to review your policy periodically to be sure it is performing according to your expectations and meeting your current and future needs.

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